ZTE Axon 30 Pro: Easily Shoot Travel Blockbusters

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In the first half of this year, many manufacturers have launched flagship mobile phones that focus on imaging, but in terms of excellent camera capabilities, excellent overall performance, and cost-effective features, it is none other than ZTE’s flagship imaging flagship Axon 30 Pro recently launched. ZTE Axon 30 Pro uses a 64MP ultra-high-definition main camera + 64MP ultra-wide-angle main camera dual-main camera system, with a 5 million macro lens (3cm macro) and a 2 million depth-of-field lens.

Among them, this ultra-wide-angle main camera is also “the industry’s most high-definition ultra-wide-angle main camera”. It also has 120° wide-angle viewing range, 1% ultra-low distortion, portrait protection and other features. The actual imaging angle is said to be one of the widest mobile phones currently First, it can not only take pictures of the magnificent scenery and architecture, but also show the details of the photos better. When shooting portraits, the excellent ultra-wide-angle lens can also bring better shooting effects to people, and take portrait photos with a sense of space, allowing you not only to shoot wider, but also to shoot more beautifully.

Similarly, the nightlife during the journey is also testing the night shooting ability of the mobile phone. The dual main cameras of ZTE Axon 30 Pro support the new super night scene AI algorithm, which can reduce the noise of the photos, significantly improve the picture quality, and clearly capture the night scene. Every good show. In terms of video shooting, ZTE Axon 30 Pro supports dual main cameras and dual-channel video anti-shake, even in a fast-moving state, it can also bring you high-definition and stable shooting pictures, making your journey record more vivid and exciting.

The excellent hardware and software configuration has laid a very good foundation for ZTE Axon 30 Pro‘s image strength. It is not satisfied with pure image shooting. This mobile phone has also prepared quite a lot of innovative shooting functions for users, so that you can have a zero foundation. Can shoot good works that shock the circle of friends. For example, the multi-shot, simultaneous shooting and simultaneous recording function that everyone is more concerned about, you can capture photos of two cameras from different perspectives at the same time by pressing the shutter. It is more convenient for post-editing, and there is no need to entangle the perfect shooting angle. In addition, ZTE Axon 30 Pro is also equipped with Hitchcock zoom, custom filters, portrait long exposure and other shooting methods. You can define the style of your travel blockbusters.

Although positioned as the imaging flagship, ZTE Axon 30 Pro has many advantages. The Snapdragon 888 flagship chip has strong performance; 7.86mm slim body, 186g comfortable weight; 6.67-inch AMOLED dazzling straight screen, 2.8mm in the middle and extremely small With a hole, 93% screen-to-body ratio, it brings an extremely shocking viewing experience; 120Hz smart high screen refresh, smooth and smooth operation in various application scenarios; equipped with 5G Super Antenna 3.0, which can maintain the signal in extreme network environments such as high-speed rails and elevators Stable and fast to find the Internet, enjoy the fast Internet experience anytime, anywhere.

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