Xiaomi Mi 11: Snapdragon 888 And Weight are The Highlights

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If there is any difference between the current mobile phone market and last year, it is probably that the new generation of flagships came a little earlier. In the past, Qualcomm also released new flagship chips in December, and mobile phone brands usually launch products in the spring of the second year, but this time there is an exception. After Qualcomm launched Snapdragon 888, the world’s first new-generation flagship is scheduled for December. It was released at 19:30 on the 28th (Beijing time). We have not waited until the New Year, and we have already waited for the new flagship.

This world premiere Snapdragon 888 mobile phone comes from Xiaomi, which is the latest Xiaomi Mi 11. Similar speculations had been made before, and they were finally confirmed. After all, Qualcomm just announced the running scores of its new flagship not long ago, and it is still at a level that is outstanding. With the comprehensive upgrade of the product line of Xiaomi, the combination of the two will definitely make Xiaomi Mi 11 attractive enough.

According to the latest news, Xiaomi Mi 11 will use a QHD+ resolution screen, support 120Hz high brush, rear 108MP+13MP+5MP triple camera, front 20MP pixels, battery capacity 4780mAh, this may also be considered for thinness, of course, there are more Powerful 120W wired fast charging, 80W super wireless fast charging, fingerprint recognition under the screen, etc.

In terms of performance, there is no suspense for Snapdragon 888 at present. AnTuTu has decided that it must be the first place in the performance list with a score of 740,000. Qualcomm’s flagship chip has always been very good in running points. Disappointed.

As for the results obtained by other test tools, they have already been published and can be used as a reference. But there is no need to refer to it. After all, it is Qualcomm’s latest flagship chip, and there will be no rivals in a short time.

The second highlight is the weight. Judging from the posters of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Phone conference, this time the product should be the main selling point of light and thin. The previous Xiaomi Mi 10 series are good in all aspects, but the weight of the product is also a bit of a record-breaking feeling. It is just that the mobile phone is heavy. Generally, it is to ensure the selling points such as battery life, fast charging, and NFC. Therefore, the flagship mobile phone is generally biased. So if the flagship phone is to be “packed lightly”, can these selling points be maintained? It depends on what answer Xiaomi can give.

There are pictures on the Internet that are close to the real machine. From the picture, it is a hyperbolic or quad-curved screen. As for the thickness, if the SIM card slot is used as a reference, it is indeed a bit thinner and looks very round.

The latest revelations show that the weight of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is about 191-196g, not more than 200g, which is a lot lighter than the 222g of the Mi 10 Extreme Edition, which is very light.

Snapdragon 888 and lighter weight than the previous generation, do you like this MI 11? In addition to the Snapdragon 888 and weight, there are many other configurations that have not been disclosed, and everything is waiting for the press conference on December 28.

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