The Industry’s Top Screen, 120W Fast Charging, iQOO 8 Pro Interprets Powerful Performance

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Since the iQOO 8 series product launch conference, many people have turned their attention to iQOO 8 Pro, a powerful flagship with excellent appearance and strong performance. iQOO 8 Pro has a classic design with speed aesthetics, an industry-leading high-quality screen that supports 2K ultra-clear resolution, and the powerful performance brought by the Snapdragon 888 Plus chip + enhanced UFS 3.1 + enhanced LPDDR5, etc., all fully demonstrate the outstanding strength of the mobile phone.

Full attack, fast charging

Perhaps many people have had this experience. When they wake up late in the morning or when they are anxious to go out, they find that the battery of their mobile phone is low. At this time, charging the mobile phone will make people crazy if it takes a long wait. What is gratifying is that the charging performance brought by iQOO 8 Pro this time is very good, the charging speed is very good.

In order to effectively solve the user’s “power anxiety” problem, iQOO 8 Pro first starts from the charging technology, and uses a powerful and comprehensive charging technology solution to maximize the user’s charging experience. iQOO 8 Pro uses 120W ultra-fast flash charging technology. After the iQOO 8 Pro’s power is exhausted, it restarts charging. It only takes 5 minutes to restore the power from 0% to 44%. At the same time, the subsequent charging speed of iQOO 8 Pro is also excellent. It can be charged to 72% in 10 minutes, and the phone can be “resurrected with full blood” in 17 minutes. This speed can be said to be quite excellent!

In addition to 120W ultra-fast flash charging, iQOO 8 Pro also uses 50W wireless flash charging + 10W wireless reverse charging technology. The wireless flash charging charger adopts a three-dimensional air-cooled design, which not only has high charging power, but also has a large charging induction area. , And the safety factor is high, it can be used as a mobile phone holder, it is convenient and practical, and the charging experience is very good.

The battery is big enough for long battery life

Of course, in addition to “open source” with powerful charging technology, iQOO 8 Pro also prepares a battery with a large enough capacity. iQOO 8 Pro uses a 4500mAh large-capacity battery, which can easily meet the needs of everyone’s daily use of the machine. When the battery level of the mobile phone is 100% and the resolution is 2K in the whole process, watch 1 hour of online video, listen to 1 hour of online Bluetooth music, chat on WeChat for 30 minutes, play “Peace Elite” for 30 minutes, and read online for 30 minutes. After 4.5 hours of continuous use of books, etc., the power consumption of the mobile phone is only 45%, and there is more than half of the power remaining. In such a high-intensity use of the machine, there is still 55% of the remaining power, the iQOO 8 Pro’s endurance is indeed excellent!

Multi-pronged approach to improve battery life

In addition, iQOO 8 Pro is also doing quite well in terms of “throttling”. It has multiple optimizations on the screen, processor and other configurations, which brings lower power consumption and further extends the battery life of the mobile phone. Among them, iQOO 8 Pro is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 Plus processor. Compared with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, it further improves the performance of the CPU and effectively reduces the energy consumption of the mobile phone. At the same time, iQOO 8 Pro is also equipped with an independent display chip that can reduce power consumption during gaming. When I play games with iQOO 8 Pro, the independent display chip can not only effectively increase the frame rate of the game screen, bring a smoother and silkier game experience, but also reduce the pressure on the processor’s screen rendering, further reduce power consumption, and extend the phone. Long battery life.

Of course, when it comes to reducing power consumption, we have to mention the industry’s top-quality screen equipped with iQOO 8 Pro. The screen of the machine uses the new Samsung E5 luminous material, which can achieve 2K ultra-clear resolution, 100% P3 wide color gamut coverage and 10bit color depth, creating an extraordinary visual feast for consumers. What’s more exciting is that this screen also uses LTPO continuously variable speed technology and micro-prism technology, which can adapt to different machine scenarios. While fully ensuring ultra-clear and real screen display effects, it can support 1-120Hz. The automatic switching of the screen refresh rate effectively reduces the power consumption of the mobile phone.

From the above point of view, the strength of iQOO 8 Pro in terms of charging and battery life cannot be underestimated, which fully reflects the strong strength of iQOO products. But iQOO 8 Pro does not only have the advantage of charging, its design, games, video and other comprehensive performance are also quite good, it is a powerful and excellent all-round flagship product.

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