Traveling With Broadband, Pinsu 5G WIFI R100 is Shocking!

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On October 10th, the long-awaited Pinsu mobile WiFi R100 shocked! Pinsu Mobile WiFi R100 can fully solve the high-speed Internet problem of various devices such as mobile phones, PADs, notebooks, car machines, AR/VR, industry terminals, etc., to meet the urgent needs of various users to access 5G networks anytime, anywhere.

As a professional network equipment, Pinsu 5G mobile WiFi R100 is quite powerful in terms of configuration. It uses Qualcomm 7nm process Snapdragon X55 and Qualcomm QCA6391 dual chip design to achieve NSA/SA dual module network, 5G downlink theoretical rate Up to 3.8Gbps. With the support of Qualcomm’s QCA6391 WiFi6 chip, Pinsu Mobile WiFi R100 supports 2.4G and 5G dual-band concurrency, and can connect to 32 terminals at the same time. The Internet function is very powerful.

Pinsu Mobile WiFi R100 is not only powerful for Internet access, but also very powerful in terms of battery life and charging. Built-in 3600mAh large-capacity battery, combined with software intelligent power saving algorithm, the device quickly enters the dormant state when there is no business, when the business is started, the device is realized Wake up quickly, the standby time of R100 is up to more than 300 hours, and up to 6 hours when used in 5G mode. R100 is designed with a charging current of 1.5A, and it only takes more than 2 hours to fully charge 3600mAh, which completely solves the problem of battery life and charging.

Pinsu 5G + WiFi 6 portable WiFi R100 can bring users a stable high-speed network like home. It is precisely because of these luxurious hardware configurations and functions that travel experts and mobile game users have the ultimate experience. For travel experts, Pinsu R100 supports 5G/4G full frequency bands from China’s four major operators and mainstream frequency bands in more than 100 countries including North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. You can use local data cards for overseas travel, and the tariffs are more favorable. For mobile game users, it can significantly reduce the delay of mobile games and the stuttering by more than 30%. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the delay between the game server and the mobile WiFi.

In addition to meeting the general needs of individual consumers for mobile Internet access, Pinsu R100, after inserting a 5G SIM card, can provide Internet access speeds comparable to home broadband. The high-speed 5G network provides great convenience for 2B industry applications. For professional live broadcast users, Pinspeed Zhilian R100 supports 4K 60fps HD live broadcast. Whether it is a personal anchor or small and medium-sized media, Pinsu Zhilian R100 can be used to smoothly complete the live broadcast work. For new media professionals and photographers who need to shoot, upload, and download a large number of graphic or video files every day, access to the Pinsu R100 network can realize the rapid transmission of large files.

Pinsu relies on its own R&D strength, production capacity, and service capabilities, with IoT communication technology capabilities as the core, based on the 4G/5G MBB/FWA product line, and subsequent Pinsu will launch more wireless data terminal products to help Consumers can better experience the ultimate speed of 5G and enjoy unlimited possibilities.

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