OPPO Find N: New Hinges and Screens Create Excellent Foldable Screen

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Foldable screen is the most popular mobile phone technology in recent years. Both Samsung and HUAWEI have launched their own foldable screen products. However, in the development of foldable screens, it does not seem to have aroused a particularly large splash, resulting in a situation of “a lot of visitors, but few people started”. Among them, users are most worried about the crease caused by the foldable screen. On December 15, OPPO officially released its first foldable screen phone: OPPP Find N. In this product, you can experience many details of OPPO, and then we will analyze them one by one.

Open OPPP Find N, the new hinge method reduces the production of screen creases. When it is unfolded, there is no annoying crease troubles. All you can feel is the wide screen. An excellent screen creates a better visual impression. The excellent visual perception comes from the world’s first seiko pseudo-vertical hinge adopted by OPPO, which reduces the generation of creases from the root cause.

It is worth noting that OPPP Find N ushered in a new interactive logic. At the moment of opening, the overall animation effect will link the two screens, reducing the sense of visual separation and enhancing the continuity of the two screens. Not only that, with the help of the new hinge structure, OPPP Find N can realize free opening and closing from all angles, bringing brand-new image, game, and text interaction. It can be seen that OPPO’s pursuit of multi-level user experience.

Coincidentally, after the release of OPPP Find N, news of HUAWEI’s new foldable screen phone HUAWEI Mate V began to surface. Judging from the current news, HUAWEI Mate V will adopt a body shape that is folded up and down, and there are rumors that HUAWEI Mate V will adopt a new foldable screen technology, and the focus of technological upgrades will be on the hinge of the screen folding. , Designed to further eliminate screen creases.

Whether it is the current OPPP Find N or the unreleased HUAWEI Mate V, eliminating screen creases is their common goal. Because for users, the foldable screen is one of the best solutions to balance the size of the phone and the grip, but at present, everyone is facing the impact of creases on the user experience. From the perspective of the product logic of HUAWEI and OPPO, they have something in common. In the past, HUAWEI Mate X2 used a double-rotating water drop hinge design to reduce crease problems. Now there is OPPP Find N’s world’s first Seiko pseudo-vertical hinge. The new hinge shape reduces the occurrence of screen creases, and brings users a better experience of using foldable screens.

On the whole, foldable screens will become the main battlefield for future flagship models. The emergence of OPPP Find N adds a solution to screen creases, reduces a major pain point of full screens, and provides an excellent performance for the industry. References. On the basis of the foldable, OPPP Find N is still the smallest horizontal foldable at present, which further improves the user’s carrying experience and reduces the carrying cost of the foldable screen.

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