iPhone 13 PK HUAWEI P50, Which One Do You Like?

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Both the iPhone 13 and HUAWEI P50 are one of the most popular mobile phones, and they are both good choices in terms of mobile phone appearance and mobile network performance experience.

Although HUAWEI has been suppressed by external forces this year, it still launched the new HUAWEI P50 series under numerous difficulties.

However, at this time, iPhone 13 series is also coming, and the price difference between the two is not too much. Therefore, it is more difficult for many people to choose HUAWEI P50 or iPhone 13.

So, today we analyze what is the difference between these two phones? After reading it, think about how to choose.

1.Parameter comparison

Let’s take a look at the comparison of the parameters of the two phones.

Model iPhone 13 HUAWEI P50
Screen size 6.1 inches 6.5 inches
Screen type AMOLED OLED
Screen refresh rate 60Hz 90Hz
Processor A15 Bionic chip Snapdragon 888 4G
Front Camera 12 MP 13 MP
Rear Camera 12 MP + 12 MP 50 MP + 13 MP + 12 MP
Battery 3095 mAh 4100 mAh
Charging 20W wired + 15W wireless charging Fast charging 66W
NFC Support Support
Dimensions 146.7 mm x 71.5 mm x 7.65mm 156.5 mm x 73.8 mm x 7.92 mm
Weight 174g 181g
ROM 128/256/512GB 128/256GB
OS iOS 15 HarmonyOS
2.Performance Analysis

(1). Screen

iPhone 13: It is equipped with a 61-inch AMOLED screen, which can provide us with a good 60Hz screen refresh and FHD+ resolution.

HUAWEI P50: It is equipped with a 65-inch OLED screen, which can provide users with a good flexible screen material, can provide users with a good 90Hz screen refresh, and bring good screen performance.

In terms of mobile phone screen performance, HUAWEI p50 is better, which can provide users with a good mobile phone screen high refresh experience.

(2). Performance

iPhone 13: It is equipped with an A15 processor, which is currently the best mobile phone processor and can provide users with a top-notch 5G performance experience.

HUAWEI P50: equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, 4G performance and 5nm production process for users

Therefore, in terms of mobile phone performance, iPhone 13 is better, and it can provide users with a good mobile phone processor performance experience.

(3). Camera

iPhone 13: This phone provides 12 MP front-facing + 1200 MP super wide-angle + 12 MP wide-angle, bringing users an excellent mobile phone camera experience

HUAWEI P50: This phone provides 13 MP front cameras, which can provide users with a good selfie experience, and at the same time provide users with a good 50 MP main camera + 13 MP ultra-wide angle + 12 MP telephoto, with good optics Anti-shake and zoom photo experience.

(4). Battery life

iPhone 13: Provide users with a 3095 mAh battery, 20W wired and 15W wireless charging

HUAWEI P50: It is equipped with a 4100 mAh battery which brings a very good charging speed of 66w for mobile phones, which can bring a good mobile phone battery life experience.

(5). IOS and HarmonyOS have their own merits

Apple IOS system has always been the “ceiling” of the industry. Its system runs smoothly, and it will not be stuck in a few years. The distributed technology of HUAWEI’s Hongmeng OS can realize cross-platform operation, which is also the “only one” of the mobile phone system, so the IOS system and Hongmeng OS should have their own merits. It mainly depends on which mobile phone you prefer.

3.Purchase Advice

Finally, if you need 5G capabilities, you can only choose the iPhone 13 series. Because the entire HUAWEI P50 series does not support 5G, it can only use 4G networks.

However, from the feedback of Apple iPhone 13 users during this period, the signal problem of this series is still not solved. Users often encounter weak signal when using the iPhone 13 series.

Although HUAWEI’s P50 series does not have 5G, it is more stable to connect to 4G networks. In addition, the importance of 5G networks is not high now, and 4G networks are sufficient in most usage scenarios.

So which phone would you choose? iPhone 13 or HUAWEI P50?

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