ZTE Axon 30: Strong Under-Display Camera Technology, A True Full-screen Phone

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The current full-screen phones are not considered full-screen in the true sense. Most of the current full-screen phones use a hole-digging screen design, and there is a very conspicuous camera on the screen, which is very unfriendly to user experience. The true full-screen phone in the user’s mind should not have a complete screen, and there is no front camera.

The best solution so far is the under-display camera technology. Although this technology has already been released by companies such as Xiaomi, it has not yet been truly mass-produced to civilian use. But in this period when everyone is still in the technical critical stage, ZTE released its own Axon 30 under-display camera phone, which undoubtedly added too much pressure to other phone manufacturers.

The camera under the screen achieves a true full screen

This time, ZTE Axon 30 ushered in the under-display camera technology on the 6.92-inch screen. Without the obstruction of the hole-drilling camera, the screen has truly become one, opening the era of true comprehensive phones. The real full-screen unevenness is full-screen video, full-screen game or full-screen learning, which will make people feel extremely comfortable.

After all, there is a camera under the screen, so the display effect of the screen at the camera position is often not very good. However, this time, the under-display camera area of ZTE AXON3 has a better balance of light transmission, with 400PPI high pixel density, visual integration, and better display effect.

In daily use, you will not notice the slightest difference in the camera area under the screen. Only in a specific position and angle can you find the existence of the camera under the screen. For daily use, there is absolutely no need to worry about blocking the sight line or affecting the viewing experience.

The under-display camera is full of technology

This time, ZTE Axon 30 adopts a new independent UDC Pro chip, and two new controls, intelligent pixel enhancement and intelligent optimized display, are added, which can make the display more accurately synchronized and show better consistency. The multi-drive ACE circuit arrangement is also adopted, which is more efficient than the previous generation design, and the efficiency is increased by 50%, which can make the transition between the two areas natural.

It also uses 7 layers of high-transparency materials, with a special OLED in the camera area under the screen and a more transparent cathode and high-transparency array, which makes the screen more transparent and creates better conditions for selfies. The photosensitive area is X4, which has a larger photosensitive amount.

Snapdragon 870 flagship processor

This time, in addition to the under-display camera, it is also not to be underestimated in other configurations. The processor adopts the Snapdragon 870 flagship processor, the CPU performance is increased to 190%, the GPU performance is increased to 330%, and it also has UFS3.1 flash memory, which not only has strong performance, but also has a fast reading speed.

Large battery super fast charge

This time the battery also uses a large 4200mAh battery that supports PD fast charging. The charging speed has been increased to 55W. Whether it is for daily use or gaming, it can give you full power. Even if the phone is out of power, it only takes a few minutes to make it feel full of security.

In addition to the content introduced above, the screen refresh rate and touch sampling rate of ZTE Axon 30 are also at the level of flagship phones, reaching 120Hz/360Hz. And has three authoritative eye protection certifications, comprehensive care of your eyes.

This time, the rear camera also adopts a 64-megapixel quad-camera design, which includes a variety of shooting functions and modes, including multi-camera simultaneous recording and simultaneous shooting. In terms of sound effects, there are also Dolby series sound effects, which is really good for watching movies and playing games.

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