HUAWEI nova 9 Series: With 1.07 billion Screen Colors, Rave Reviews

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Compared with the traditional text recording method, the image recording has richer performance elements and has the dual impact of vision and hearing. Therefore, recording life using photos, Vlog and other methods has become a way that young people like very much nowadays. HUAWEI nova 9 series have this powerful imaging function, which has also made them popular with many young consumers and received a lot of praise. Let’s take a look at the small partners who have already started HUAWEI nova 9 series mobile phones, what kind of evaluations do they have on this phone!

1.Richer color display

When we see beautiful scenery, the effect of the shot is greatly reduced. Insufficient color reproduction is an important reason for the poor picture effect. HUAWEI nova 9 series avoid this; its screen display color is as high as 1.07 billion colors, compared to the traditional 8bit color depth that can only display 16.7 million colors, it can bring 64 times richer colors, and can accurately restore people. The color you can see; in addition, the high refresh rate of 120Hz and the high sampling rate of 300Hz make the touch experience silky smooth with excellent visual effects.

2.Take perfect portrait photos

HUAWEI nova9 series of mobile phones are innovatively equipped with a binocular stereo vision system consisting of dual 32 million Vlog front lenses, a binocular stereo vision engine, and P3 wide color gamut global color management. This brings an unprecedented selfie experience and establishes the nova New heights for selfies. Thanks to the powerful capabilities of the binocular stereo vision system, HUAWEI nova 9 series can take wonderful portrait selfie photos. Not only can the details such as the hair of the foreground person be captured in every detail, but also the depth of field information can be calculated more accurately, bringing a blur effect comparable to that of professional level. When we travel and want to take selfies at scenic spots, people will always destroy our composition and make it impossible to take satisfactory photos. In order to solve this pain point, HUAWEI nova9 series mobile phones have added a passerby blur function. You only need to tap the camera to take pictures of people slowly. The moving passersby in the picture will be blurred when shooting, without secondary processing, a picture of a person and a scene. The perfectly integrated photos are released immediately.

3.Super fast charging boosts super power

HUAWEI nova 9 series support 100W HUAWEI super fast charging, series and parallel five charge pumps, 5C high-power single cell, multi-pole combination technology and other industry-leading fast charging solutions. It only takes 20 minutes to charge to 100%, and the strong battery life ensures uninterrupted shooting. At the same time, users don’t have to worry about charging safety. HUAWEI nova 9 series mobile phones have passed the Rheinland fast charging safety certification; this is HUAWEI’s first single battery The core battery solution effectively reduces the internal loss of the battery while improving the reliability and energy efficiency ratio of the battery.


4.Smoother operating experience

The flagship experience that HUAWEI nova 9 series bring to users is inseparable from the deep optimization of the Hongmeng system. It provides HUAWEI nova 9 series with support from the bottom of the system, and brings normal use to users through a series of file management and data optimization. 36 months of smooth experience without stuttering. The excellence of the Hongmeng system is not only in terms of functions, but also to ensure a smooth experience for users under long-term use.

On the whole, HUAWEI nova 9 series have powerful imaging functions and smooth operation. Fast charging is more reassuring and meets the needs of many users for phones.

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