The Foldable Screen is Hot! Why Does The Honor Magic V Come Out On Top?

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In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, many friends will choose to buy a mobile phone and replace themselves with new equipment. In the current mobile phone market, foldable mobile phones can be said to be very hot. From 2021 to the present, major manufacturers have entered the market to release new products. Foldable mobile phones have injected new vitality into the mobile phone market. It has won a wave of consumers’ love for its excellent internal and external screen experience and novel and comprehensive interaction methods. And when it comes to folding screen mobile phones, it must be the Honor Magic V.

Nowadays, there are not many foldable phone products in the market, but in comparison, Honor is the real “perfect foldable screen”. Inside the fuselage, the Honor Magic V uses a suspended water drop hinge, using lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials, which greatly reduces the thickness and weight of the fuselage, making the whole machine a lighter and more convenient experience. After unfolding, the screen of the mobile phone is very flat, with no bulge, and there are almost no creases in the middle, which is more comfortable at the same level. After the cover is closed, the two sides of the phone can be closely aligned, and the seam is tight, and the texture is quite good.

In order to bring the ultimate experience that is not inferior to ordinary mobile phones, the Honor foldable mobile phone insists on using a size and ratio with a better feel. When the phone is unfolded, users can also get a large 7.9-inch screen with symmetrical left and right sides. In terms of quality, its external screen supports 120Hz refresh rate, 1.07 billion colors and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and the actual experience is no different from traditional flagship mobile phones. In addition, the outer screen of the mobile phone also has a new nano-microcrystalline panel, which can effectively improve the scratch resistance and drop resistance. A magnetron optical film is added to the inner screen, which can effectively improve the refraction problem and allow users to watch this large screen more clearly.

In addition to the better screen and size, the Honor Magic V foldable phone also has an industry-leading performance configuration. This phone is equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, with a more advanced process architecture, better performance and better power consumption control. Inside, Honor is also equipped with its own chip optimization technology, which optimizes the underlying logic of this chip to bring stronger performance. In the actual game measurement, this folding screen mobile phone performed well, with a variety of mobile games full frames throughout the whole process, and stable power consumption, no stuttering and no frame drop. With Honor Magic UI 6.0, which is as smooth as iOS, users can enjoy a number of practical functions, as well as a better APP zoom rate, and experience the ultimate split-screen effect of having “two phones” at once.

In terms of image configuration, the Honor foldable phone is still very strong. In terms of parameters, the new Honor phone uses a multi-main camera computational image combination, with an outsole sensor and an independent spectral enhancement lens. In the actual measurement, Honor’s imaging ability is worthy of praise, basically able to easily deal with the whole scene, and the low-light imaging ability is also very good. In terms of video recording, the new phone still has the iconic front and rear dual scene recording, micro-movie mode and other functions, which can provide various choices for different users.

To sum up, as a flagship foldable phone, the Honor Magic V maintains a leading position in the industry in terms of configuration and experience. Today, foldable mobile phones have become a mainstream trend, and they are widely welcomed by the public in the new year. If you want to replace an excellent foldable new work in this new year, then the Honor Magic V must be the best choice.

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