OPPO vs. Samsung vs. HUAWEI Foldable Phones, OPPO Find N Finally Won at this Point

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Foldable phones are the key direction of major mobile phone manufacturers in the future. At present, many brands have begun research and development. Among them, manufacturers such as Samsung, HUAWEI, and OPPO have launched their own foldable screen products, and they have attracted A large number of loyal fans. So today, we specially found three foldable screen products that are currently on the market-Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, HUAWEI Mate X2, and OPPO Find N. Use them to make a simple comparison to see who is the most worthy foldable flagship at the moment.

(From left to right: HUAWEI, Samsung, OPPO)

Appearance is currently a very important purchase criterion for the majority of young consumers, so in terms of appearance design, all three mobile phones have created their own characteristics. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, like the previous generation, adopts a pure metal industrial style. The whole machine looks tough and square, and it feels more suitable for sportsmen or successful people; HUAWEI Mate X2 adds a little bit of brightness to the glass back cover. The surface texture should be favored by many business people; as for OPPO Find N, it is more fashionable, with a 3D streamlined body + low-flash frosting process. The appearance and texture are well unified from the hand, and the visual inspection will be quite a lot. The first choice for young consumers.

(Left: HUAWEI Mate X2; Middle: OPPO Find N; Right: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3)

However, the biggest highlight is undoubtedly the large-screen display. According to official data, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has a 7.6-inch large screen after unfolding, the HUAWEI Mate X2 has an 8-inch internal screen, and the OPPO Find N has an internal screen size of 7.1. inch. From the comparison chart below, it is not difficult to see that the large screen display after the three expansions is very clear and excellent, but the screen crease of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is more obvious, followed by HUAWEI Mate X2, and OPPO Find N’s screen display is the most Smooth and flat, this is still worthy of recognition. It is reported that this is because OPPO Find N is equipped with a self-developed Seiko pseudo-stack hinge, coupled with a customized 120Hz mirror folding screen to achieve this effect.

(From left to right: HUAWEI, OPPO, Samsung)

Finally, it is worth mentioning that although the three are all foldable phones, OPPO Find N still feels the best in terms of functional interaction and practicality. Because we found in our hands that although all three mobile phones support a folding interactive experience, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and OPPO Find N can support multi-angle hover operations, while HUAWEI Mate X2 is unstable. But OPPO Find N is outstanding because it brings functions such as hovering to watch movies and hovering to take pictures, so it can facilitate users to perform various creative gameplay operations.

To sum up, as the current flagships of foldable mobile phones, the three have a very good appearance and good configuration, but in terms of comprehensive soft and hard performance, OPPO Find N relies on the seamless folding and rich folding interactive experience. It is still slightly better than the other two, it is not surprising why OPPO Find N was sold out on the day of its first sale. So after reading the above comparison, what are your opinions and opinions?

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