OPPO Reno4 SE 5G’s Five Highlights: More Than The Fastest Flash Charge At The Same Price

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Since the release of OPPO Reno4 SE 5G Phone on September 21, 2020, the popularity has remained high. One of the major reasons is that OPPO puts a 65W super flash charge in the price range of 2000-2500 yuan, and this will only appear in OPPO high-end before. Flagship product.

However, it is not so much that the 65W super flash charge has made the Reno4 SE popular, it is better that the Reno4 SE popularizes fast charging.

Of course, if the 65W super flash charge alone is a point, Reno4 SE 5G will not be enough to support this price. For those who are interested in this product, the author summarizes the highlights of Reno4 SE. You can take a look and hope it can Help you.

1.65W super flash charge

I believe that many people are already familiar with OPPO’s 65W super flash charging through various channels, but they have not used it for various reasons, but only exist in the impression. Oh, this technology is very powerful, but they have not personally experienced it.

The mission of Reno4 SE this time is to enable more people to truly experience the convenience that this technology brings to our lives. This is something that every mobile phone manufacturer needs to consider in addition to profitability. It is also the essence of technology. That is to make our lives better.

Does 65W super flash charge make our lives better?

Indeed it is. From the initial 20W VOOC flash charge to 65W super flash charge and then to 125W flash charge, the charging time is shortened visible to the naked eye in this process.

Take the Reno4 SE as an example. It has a built-in 4300mAh battery. The capacity is not small. It may take nearly an hour or even more than an hour to fully charge before it is placed, but in the face of 65W super flash charging, it only takes more than 30 minutes Can be filled.

Until the current situation can not be solved by increasing the battery capacity to improve the battery life, fast charging of mobile phones is a good way to save the country.

The charging time is greatly shortened, and it is not just your charging habits that change, but your whole habit of using your mobile phone. It allows you to be more natural and relaxed when using your phone, without having to hold the small number in the upper right corner of the phone at all times.

Returning to the Reno4 SE 5G, this product is different from other OPPO products equipped with 65W super flash charging. Its price is lower, which means that it has entered the economic range of a large number of consumers, not only for products of the same price in terms of charging This has formed a dimensionality reduction blow, and has also accelerated the popularity of super fast charging on mid-range and even thousand yuan machines. This has a profound impact on the development of fast charging of mobile phones in the future.

2.Unique “small light” design

This time, OPPO has also put a lot of effort in the design of Reno4 SE 5G. There are three colors of Super Flash White, Super Flash Blue and Super Flash Black. OPPO has added “light” to each color.

Simply put, OPPO designed a ridge on the back of the Reno4 SE extending from the top to the bottom along the middle of the camera to create a three-dimensional feeling. At the same time, the back part is visually divided into two parts, the left side occupies 1/4 of the area. It becomes a bullet pattern, and the 3/4 area on the right side is designed as a radiation pattern, and the radiated light happens to come out of the camera module and spread to the entire back. At this time, the camera is equivalent to the sun, so OPPO is this The design has an image name, namely “little light”.

This design is different from the perception of the picture and the actual perception of holding it in the hand. It cleverly combines the popular splicing elements and the gradual effect, so that the light and the ridge line intersect, thereby creating a sense of space. And agility.

Not only very bold, but also very imaginative.

This design also makes the Reno4 SE 5G Phone stand out among a lot of mobile phones at the same price, getting rid of the constraints of homogeneity, and making people shine.

3.100 million pixel mode and portrait color retention/neon portrait

In terms of images, the Reno4 SE’s rear triple camera is a 48-megapixel main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 2-megapixel macro, and a front-facing 32-megapixel camera.

In addition to the basic super wide-angle, macro, and night scene modes, Reno4 SE 5G Phone also provides a lot of practical and fun features, such as 100 million pixel mode.

Normal mode screenshot

100 million pixel mode screenshot

The main camera of Reno4 SE 5G is 48 million pixels, but it can output 108 million pixel photos through multi-frame synthesis. The photos taken can allow you to zoom in as much as possible and observe more details in the photos. Even on the computer, and there is better room for post-processing.

In addition, Reno4 SE also has a portrait color retention function, and both the front and rear cameras support. The principle is actually very simple, that is, through AI recognition, the silhouette of the person being photographed is separated from the background, and the surrounding environment is black and white.

The actual effect is also very good, but there are two conditions. One is that the object to be photographed cannot be too far away, otherwise the person cannot be isolated from the background. The second is that the background should not be too complicated, otherwise the accuracy of the recognition will not be ideal.

Moreover, for night scenes, Reno4 SE 5G provides a neon portrait function, which can make the background more colorful.

In terms of video, the rear of Reno4 SE 5G Phone also supports super video anti-shake, which is also OPPO’s housekeeping skill. Even at a lower price, Reno4 SE is still equipped with this function. For friends who often have video shooting needs, Reno4 SE The experience will be very good.


Maybe many people ignore the fact that Reno4 SE is also a 5G mobile phone because of the 65W super flash charging.

Reno4 SE supports all-in-one dual-mode 5G, which can bring excellent 5G experience to users. If you have 5G coverage in your area and have a 5G card, you can use Reno4 SE to enjoy 5G high-speed network.

5.Thin and light

The reason for putting lightness and thinness behind 5G is that we have seen too many 5G mobile phones weighing half a catty this year, and Reno4 SE has completely got rid of this restriction. The body thickness is only 7.85mm and the weight is only about 169g, it’s not like a 5G mobile phone.

Many people may not be sensitive to numbers, and there is no specific concept for the lightness and thinness of Reno4 SE. In fact, it is very obvious when you compare many current 5G mobile phones. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as “light”.

Therefore, such a thin and light 5G mobile phone, even if it is held in the hand for a long time, the pressure on the wrist will be reduced to the minimum, and there will be no sore feeling. Take an inappropriate example, playing with the mobile phone in bed at night, accidentally Smashing on the face can also reduce the pain as much as possible. Of course, it is not recommended that you lie in bed and play with your mobile phone at night. It is not only a face problem, but also an eye problem.

Conclusion: The above is the main feature highlights of Reno4 SE. In fact, as a 5G mobile phone starting from RMB 2499 with 8GB+128GB, it is really not easy to integrate all the above functions on a mobile phone, so Reno4 SE was brought. Compared with the differentiation of the same price in terms of visual appearance and functional experience, this is very valuable in the current mobile phone market.

If you’re interested in OPPO Reno4 SE 5G Phone, welcome to contact us (sales@router-switch.com) or order now: OPPO Reno4 SE 5G Phone.

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