OPPO “New Technology” Blessing, Reno6 Pro once Again Leads, Supports Memory Expansion Technology

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At the recent new product launch conference, OPPO brought a brand-new Reno6 series of new phones. As a representative of high-value mobile phones, the Reno6 series still continues the product logic of the previous focus on appearance design, bringing users a very beautiful product.

The OPPO Reno6 series brings a brand-new crystal diamond technology 3.0 on the fuselage. Thanks to the blessing of this technology, this phone can create a variety of different colors at different angles under light conditions.

In addition, the OPPO Reno6 series is not sloppy in terms of configuration, and the overall configuration is worth mentioning.

Take OPPO Reno6 Pro as an example. The front of this phone is equipped with a 6.55-inch OLED micro-curved screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz, supporting 180Hz touch sampling rate and HDR10+.

In terms of chips, OPPO Reno6 Pro is equipped with a Dimensity 1200 processor, up to 12+256GB version, so it brings a sense of security to users in terms of performance, and will not worry about the lack of performance of the mobile phone.

More importantly, this phone also has OPPO’s new technology blessing, and users can support memory expansion by upgrading the new ColorOS 11.3 system version.

Specifically, users who hold OPPO Reno6 Pro, after upgrading to ColorOS 11.3, can experience the latest memory expansion technology, which can expand up to 7GB, plus up to 12GB of memory space, and finally can reach 19GB of large memory.

Such a large capacity of memory will definitely bring an unprecedented user experience. From the user’s feedback, after upgrading the system, the system fluency of Reno6 Pro has indeed been greatly improved.

According to the official introduction, this memory expansion technology is an auxiliary function, that is, when the mobile phone is in use, after the running memory is insufficient, a part of the storage space can be temporarily used as the running memory to use, so that the mobile phone can open multiple applications at the same time Without lagging.

It must be said that with the addition of this new technology, the performance of OPPO Reno6 Pro will be further escorted.

It is easy for users to use it. Open “About Phone” in the settings, click Run Memory to enter the memory expansion, and you can choose the expansion size according to your needs.

In addition, Reno6 Pro‘s battery life is also very guaranteed, equipped with a large 4500mAh battery, and supports 65W fast charge, the overall battery life is not bad.

In terms of imaging, the machine is equipped with a 64 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel ultra-wide angle + 2 million pixel macro + 2 million pixel four-camera lens. Taking pictures has always been a selling point of OPPO phones, and the image strength of this phone is also the same. It deserves recognition.

In general, for a high-value mobile phone, the performance can also have such a huge improvement, in the eyes of consumers, it is very gratifying, after all, the appearance is only the appearance, the internal performance is still a comprehensive experience the main elements.

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