Realme Q3 5G: Dare To Leap, The Choice Of Youth

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For many young consumers, when starting a brand new device, in addition to paying attention to the performance, battery life, and cost-effectiveness of the phone, the most important thing is to give priority to the appearance of the phone.

So, for this part of users, which model has the highest value in the $200 price range? In addition to the performance and ultra-high endurance, it can also have a more stunning design. It is estimated that only the Realme Q3 is suitable. Realme Q3 is currently the cheapest 5G mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor on the market.

At the same time, Realme Q3 also performed extremely well in terms of appearance design. The design of this phone is inspired by the “Y2K culture of millennial “, and its performance in terms of overall design elements and appearance is quite impressive. In addition, the oversized “DARE TO LEAP” character of the fashion trend gives people a fashion and trendy visual experience invisibly.

This time Realme Q3 also has two colors, namely psychedelic silver and sci-fi black. Among them, psychedelic silver looks younger and more fashionable. The science fiction black is more business oriented. For young people born in the 90s and 00s, these two color matching models can meet their different aesthetic needs.

Of course, in addition to the stunning appearance, Realme Q3 also performs very well in terms of hardware. First, it uses a Snapdragon 750G processor, which can meet the needs of daily life in terms of overall performance. , Such as: browsing Twitter, watching TV, chatting on line, etc., there is no problem. In the face of games such as Honor of Kings and Elite Peace, Realme Q3 can still deal with it calmly.

In addition to performance, Realme Q3 also has an excellent battery life experience. We all know that most of the current US$200 models only use 4000mAh batteries, but the realme Q3 is different. It not only uses 30W fast charging technology. And, it is also equipped with a 5000mAh capacity battery, which can easily meet the needs of users for charging once a day.

For Realme Q3, its performance in terms of cost performance is still quite good. Not only has the strongest performance and battery life of the same price, the same level, and the same competing products, but at the same time, it also has a lower price. It is the best choice among the current 200-dollar models. Coupled with a more stunning appearance, this is still quite friendly for young consumers.

Of course, the reason why Realme Q3 can have such an outstanding performance is also closely related to the brand concept of “Dare to Leap”. Although it has only been established for 3 years, its growth rate is definitely the fastest and fastest brand in the current global market.

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