The VIVO X60 Series Is Officially On Sale: It’s Correct To Choose It In 2021

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As early as 2020, the vivo X60 series has been preheated online. On January 8, 2021, the vivo X60 series is officially on sale, which is another choice for many friends who want to change their phones in the new year. So is this phone suitable for you? Follow me and you will know.

Since it is the new model of the vivo X series, the image strength of the vivo X60 series is naturally not weak. Among them, the vivo X60 Pro uses a 48-megapixel micro-head camera, a 13-megapixel wide-angle and portrait lens, and an 8-megapixel periscope lens. From the pixel point of view, you can feel the power of this phone. And this phone also uses a German Zeiss optical lens, which is comparable to Leica lenses. In addition, the vivo X60 Pro is also equipped with the second-generation micro-head technology, which is even better in terms of anti-shake.

When you pick up this phone, you can feel its charm. Its matching 6.56-inch perforated full screen gives a strong visual impact, and is different from the original left side perforation, this time the perforated part has moved to the middle position, which looks more symmetrical. At the same time, this screen also supports 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz sampling rate, which can bring users a better visual experience.

The 3D curved surface design used on the back of the vivo X60 Pro, combined with the AG process, not only brings a more comfortable feel, but also makes it impossible to stick fingerprints. In addition, this phone continues the “two-color cloud level” design, making the overall back cover look more integrated and simpler. Regarding color matching, the vivo X60 Pro phone has a total of two color combinations: Force and Huacai. Among them, the original force color matching is full of low-key and delicate, and the colorful color matching is full of boldness and boldness. You can choose according to your own preferences.

Similarly, this time the vivo X60 series also supports 5G networks. As a 5G mobile phone, battery life is naturally not bad. The vivo X60 Pro has a built-in 4200mAh battery and also supports 33W ultra-fast flash charging. While maintaining sufficient battery life, the body weight of the vivo X60 Pro is controlled at 178g and the thickness is only 7.59mm. Not only is the battery life great, the body is also very thin and light.

In terms of performance, it has also been greatly improved than before. The vivo X60 series released the Exynos 1080 processor for the first time in the world. As a 5nm process chip, it naturally improves performance and reduces power consumption.

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