HUAWEI nova 8 Pro: Coming Exclusively For You Who Love Vlog!

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With the continuous improvement of various functions of smart phones, we can rely on it to meet the daily needs of browsing websites, communication, travel, etc., so we rely more and more on smart phones. There is evidence that young people use mobile phones for an average of more than 8 hours a day, so mobile phones with a long standby time are what young people need. Huawei nova 8 series will be officially released on December 23, 2020. Let’s take a closer look.

Front Vlog video dual camera, extraordinary strength

This time, HUAWEI nova 8 Pro is equipped with dual front Vlog video cameras (32 million pixel ultra-wide-angle selfie video lens + 16 million pixel portrait lens), among which the video lens supports 100° ultra-wide angle, super anti-shake, 3Mic stereo radio and other functions; When taking selfies, the details are clear even when zoomed in; the rear is equipped with a 64-megapixel high-definition AI four-camera, and the quality of the Vlog shots is more delicate, clearer and more stable. Huawei nova 8 Pro 5G also brings new features to young people who love selfies, which can help easily create Vlog works with excellent sound and picture quality. When using HUAWEI nova 8 Pro 5G for selfies or selfie videos, the photos or videos taken will be very clear, which is really suitable for young people who like to take pictures.

66W Huawei super fast charge, impressive battery life

Huawei nova 8 Pro also has a technical improvement in its battery life, giving users an excellent experience. At present, most of the high-power fast charging of mobile phones adopts the solution of splitting the battery cell. However, this solution has limitations. On the one hand, the series connection of dual battery cells will increase the voltage and increase the loss during discharge; on the other hand , After long-term use, the two batteries will age at different speeds, resulting in uneven voltage divisions, requiring more complex battery management techniques. This time HUAWEI nova 8 Pro uses Huawei’s self-developed single-core dual-channel three-electrode fast charging technology, which breaks the limitations. The 66W Huawei super fast charge can be filled with 60% in 15 minutes and 100% in 35 minutes (Huawei laboratory data). Charging efficiency, battery size, battery life experience, stability and other aspects will bring users a brand new experience!

120Hz ring screen, breaking the conventional smoothness

Whether it is a fast game, a smooth chase, or colorful photos and videos, a high-quality screen is needed to present them. What is worthy of surprise is that HUAWEI nova 8 Pro has 1.07 billion color ring screens, supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, and brings obvious and perceptual improvement in fluency. It is derived from the comprehensive optimization of the bottom of the system and can be intelligently adjusted for different application scenarios. The screen frame rate achieves a balance between smooth experience and long battery life. The exterior design of the Huawei nova 8 series is “the inheritance and inheritance of the design language of Huawei nova”. It adopts the new “Star Yaohuan” lens group design. The soft and round visual features stand out from the usual rectangular and strip lens designs, with unique recognizability and personality.

The EMUI 11 system is very smooth

The new EMUI 11 system supports Smart Connect 2.0 (supports 1080P high-definition video calls between Huawei mobile phones and smart screens and tablets), smart card 2.0, AI subtitles and other smart functions, and supports custom dynamic AOD and other functions, which can give users Bring a more convenient, more interesting and safer experience.

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