Huawei Nova 6 5G Review: Does the Kirin 990 Perform Strongly

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In December 2019, Huawei held a new product launch conference in Wuhan and announced the release of Huawei nova 6 / nova 6 5G mobile phones. As a product series with more than 125 million customers worldwide, many consumers pay special attention to the main performance of this new product. Among them, Huawei nova 6 5G is also the first 5G mobile phone in the nova series and the first 3,000 yuan in the industry. Huawei nova 6 5G inherits the powerful product power of the nova series at the selfie level. This time, a dual-camera with a 105 ° front ultra-wide-angle lens is produced, which will lead the front selfie to the extreme. Is the first 5G fashion flagship selfie machine for young people. The evaluation in the article will take you to understand Huawei nova 6 5G.

The 105 ° external ultra-wide-angle lens selfie and the external 32 million auto-focusing Huawei nova series have always attached importance to the characteristics of young people to highlight themselves, value, and social photography. The main role is to promote the self-timer, from nova 3 poster-level selfie to nova 4 Extremely full-screen mobile phone, and then the industry’s innovative portrait picture. Super city night scene selfie nova 5. The nova series products often produce new upgraded independent innovation feelings in the selfie, a product selling point that young people are paying more and more attention to. The nova 6 series The product is also not chilling.

Equipped with 32 million-resolution automatic focusing camera lens + 8 million-resolution 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens to form a dual shooting, resulting in a full range of selfie gameplay. The newly added 8 million-resolution 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens external camera lens sends the function of the ultra-wide angle lens in the rear camera camera lens to the external selfie for the first time. The ultra-wide angle lens shooting is really when shooting close-up buildings and wide scenes. Who uses who knows, nowadays, the self-timer for ultra-wide-angle lens of mobile phone images has already become the standard configuration, and this time Huawei nova 6 5G imported the ultra-wide-angle lens into the self-timer. Driven by Huawei nova 6 5G, the ultra-wide-angle lens selfie will become another major competition point in the standard configuration market for mobile phone selfies. In people’s specific applications, the addition of Huawei nova 6 5G 105 ° external ultra-wide-angle lens self-timer has produced a full range of your feelings for people’s self-timer, and solved some of the defects of previous self-timers that have to make concessions. Face value is just as important as feeling

After taking a comprehensive evolution of photography, Huawei has also polished the nova 6 series at other levels. In terms of appearance design, Huawei added 3D glass, three-dimensional light and shadow and its two-layer dual-surface coating technology to the nova 6 series of products, so that the mobile phone has special effects. The texture of the light and shadow on the back of the machine is very clear, the actual effect of the gradient color of the aurora color is also very eye-catching, and the actual effect of the light path can also restore the taste of the mirror of the dense environment.

Moreover, the back of nova 6 is handled neatly. The rear camera is centralized on the upper left of the phone, while the Huawei logo is placed on the lower left. Except for this aspect, there are no other elements in the shell. In that case, the entire design can show a stronger integration, and the actual effect of the “mirror mirror” can be more fully displayed. In addition to the actual effect of Provence colors in the “Mirror of the Dense Realm”, nova 6 is also available in three kinds of honey red, bright black and Su Yin blue for customers to choose.

Nova 6 series products also use a high-screen ratio design on the back of the case. The front dual camera uses double-blind hole technology, and the diameter is further reduced, so that the screen ratio of the entire series of products reaches 91.46. A sense of unity of “holding a display tightly”. Dual-mode 5G, powerful performance

After the design of Huawei nova 6 5G, selfies and rear camera photography are all understood, let’s discuss its usual feelings, that is, the main performance of 5G and its performance. Huawei nova 6 5G also has a flash point, that is, it supports dual-mode 5G, and its 5G implementation plan is the method of Kirin 990 + Barong 5000, and supports SA / NSA dual-mode dual-card dual-standby three Netcom, even if SA independent networking is completed After replacing NSA, you can also enjoy 5G Internet. In addition, Huawei nova 6 5G is a 6-band three-network service that supports all 5G frequency bands of the three major operators in China. Whether you use mobile, Netcom Telecom, or the 5G card of the telecommunications network, you can travel the national 5G Internet. The simple summary of the sentence is that it has Huawei nova 6 5G, and today and later 5G Internet, it can be fully supported and will not be outdated.

From Huawei Mate 20 Pro to Mate 30, customers who have experienced 40W super fast charging will not be able to go back after using it. This time, Huawei nova 6 5G is equipped with a 4200mAh (Huawei nova 6 4100mAh) large rechargeable battery, and 40W Huawei super fast charging is also added. The new generation of 40W Huawei super fast charging uses the “charge pump” technology, the battery charging conversion efficiency is up to 98? It can charge the battery in more than 70 minutes in 30 minutes? It can be said that the 4200mAh rechargeable battery cooperates with the EMUI10 system for intelligent power saving technology It is no problem to meet the endurance for one day.

For some small and medium-sized mobile phone customers, even the rechargeable battery has 30% power before going to bed. Every day, it wakes up and down 20 minutes before going out, and it charges smoothly. Huawei nova 6 has been close to 90% of the electricity value before going out.

Simulating a 20-minute battery charging time, with the official network charging head + mobile phone charging cable, Huawei nove6 rose from the remaining 30% to 84%. This rate is simply loved. In addition, Huawei 40W super fast charging transforms high efficiency, reduces heat sources from the root, and supports 15 layers of security precautions. It has obtained the authoritative safety verification of German Rhine TV, and the battery charging is faster and safer. Allow customers to play games, vibrato, and drama every day, without worrying about problems such as fast battery capacity consumption, and the phone can easily return to the blood.

Looking back, in fact, starting with the nova 5 series of products, in addition to the two key product selling points of the past, the main value of the product series, the other major equipment has also been greatly upgraded. For example, Huawei’s nova 5 series of products quickly inherited the outstanding working capabilities of the original flagship mobile phone’s rear camera super city night scene, Kirin 980, and Ark compiler.

This generation of Huawei nova 6 series products is also unique and prominent: the same RYB super light-sensing main camera of the same Mate / P series products, and the new upgrade application of Huawei’s strongest core Kirin 990 mobile application platform. All of this is due to Huawei ’s previously clear development strategy: it will gradually release the characteristics of flagship mobile phones at a suitable time, so that the Nova series products will get more support and allow more customers to enjoy high-quality products. Prior to this, Huawei has already announced the dual-mode 5G mobile phone that supports SA / NSA. Its major benefit is to prevent 5G from evolving from the NSA networking solution at the early stage of network construction to the SA networking solution. The situation where 5G can be applied again appears. It not only saves the cost of replacing mobile phones, but also does not have to worry about the lack of resources when switching 4G / 5G.

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